A Brief History of Shaving

A Brief History of Shaving

Since the dawn of mankind, beards and shaving have been a part of our species timeline for a long time. You never know when a trivia question might come up or a chance to flex your gentlemanly knowledge, so let’s look at a brief history of shaving timeline from where it all started to a peek into the future.

Quick Shaving and Beard Facts:

  • Men have been shaving for about 30,000 years.
  • Pogonophobia is the abnormal and persistent fear of beards.

History of Shaving:

30,000 BC - cave paintings depicted men without beards, which suggests that they removed unwanted hair.

3000 BC - the first “razor” arrived in Egypt and India.

3000-332 BC - Egyptian nobles shaved their entire bodies and valued hairlessness, while in Mesopotamian rulers wore beards.

800-600 BC -Young men weren’t allowed to cut their own facial hair until their first beard was sacrificed to Apollo.

400-300 BC - Alexander the Great was clean shaven and encouraged his soldiers to be the same because beards could be grabbed in hand-to-hand combat. Roman men either went to the barber in the morning or had live-in servants to help them shave daily.

Middle Ages - beards went in and out of style, just depending on royalty’s preference at the time.

1500 - many Catholics (priests) were beardless.

1770 - The Art of Learning to Shave Oneself was written by French Barber Jean-Jacques Perret. He also invented the Perret Razor, which had a guard in place to hold the blade and prevent deep cuts.

1789 - starting with George Washington, the first 15 presidents were clean-shaven. It wasn’t until Abraham Lincoln, that President’s began wearing facial hair.

1860 - “clean shaven” becomes an official word in the English dictionary.

1895 - the first disposable razor blade was invented by King Gillette.

1928 - Jacob Schick invented the electric razor.

1930 - US military banned beards for soldiers because it prevented a tight seal with gas masks.


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