Aqua Jet Razor Frequently Asked Questions

An entirely new way of shaving. The Aqua Jet Razor harnesses nothing but the invigorating
power of water to provide you the most refreshing and natural shaving experience in the world.
No gels, no creams, no foams -- no CHEMICALS. It’s clean, eco-friendly, and fun.

Straight-up magic.

No, seriously…

The Aqua Jet Razor connects simply and easily to your shower. Once connected, our
revolutionary water jet technology continuously pumps water through the razor, between the blades and onto your skin, keeping the blades fresh and your skin moisturized throughout. So maybe it’s not magic ...
but it’s definitely how wizards would shave if they weren’t so obsessed with their beards.

Aqua Jet Razor offers specially designed connection suitable for 99.9 % of all bathrooms.

Nah -- it would be one of those embarrassing house calls where the handyman comes and it
takes them 3 seconds and you’re like “oof I should have done that myself.”

It’ll take you less than a minute. Plus, you’ll feel pretty cool doing it!

Yes. The Aqua Jet Razor requires nothing but your own warm and wonderful shower water to
provide you with an impeccable shave. The first ingredient in every shave gel is “water,” and the
next 45 are “chemicals you’ve never heard of.” We think they should stop at “water.”

It will! No more time spent cleaning blades or buying creams, and activation of the razor itself is
one of those sweet, one-touch deals.

It will! The perpetual cleaning of the blades keeps them fresh for much longer than other
“high-quality” blades. AND... have we mentioned that you’ll never have to buy creams or gels
again? We probably have.

High expectations! We like your style.
The Aqua Jet Razor was developed to shave long or short hair on any part of the body, so it
does the work of a secondary trimmer. It’s also a great listener and loyal friend.

On this very website under the SHOP BLADES sections. Buy as many as you like. More than you need,
even. Store them in your alien invasion bunker.

For the ultimate value in cost and efficiency, we recommend a SUBSCRIPTION plan.

Yes. Please don’t try to steal it.

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Aqua Jet Razor