Aqua Jet Razor Frequently Asked Questions

We have invented the first and only razor in the world that uses WATER instead of shaving gels for the most natural and eco-friendly shaving experience in the world. We have designed connectors that are suitable for all types of showers. Once connected to the shower, water flows THROUGH the razor between the blades and onto the skin. It moisturizes the skin, CONSTANTLY cleans the blades while offering the most pleasant shaving experience you never had. No more clogged blades, no more skin irritation, no more need to ever buy shaving gels and creams, less trash in the environment, more joy from shaving.

Yes, Aqua Jet Razor offers specially designed connection to all bathrooms.

No, once you will start shaving with Aqua Jet Razor you can forget about shaving gels, foams and creams forever. Aqua Jet Razor was specially created to eliminate all the harmful shaving “care” products and give you the most natural shaving experience while at the same time, helping you to save money and our environment. 

Yes,  connection-diverting the water from shower to the razor is one switch away. The water jet keeps your skin moisturized continuously plus the blades stay clean throughout your shaving experience so you don’t have to rinse them every few seconds.

No.  It is really easy, you can do it yourself. Aqua Jet Razor diverter and hose are connected ONCE and it takes you not more than a minute.

You can purchase cartridges through our website in any quantity or you can save even more money and time and sign up for our subscription plan.

Yes, you will definitely save money. Aqua Jet Razor is and will always be the most affordable shaving experience in the world. Why? You will never have to buy shaving cream, gel, and foam or overpay for high quality blades again for the rest of your life.


If you are tired of your beard or if you like to shave your entire body when you use Aqua Jet Razor you won’t need a secondary trimmer. Aqua Jet Razor does the heavy work that no other razor can accomplish successfully. Aqua Jet Razor can cope with long or short hair.

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