Environmental Impact of Shaving Products: How Eco-friendly Are You?

Environmental Impact of Shaving Products: How Eco-friendly Are You?

Unless you live entirely off the grid (then you wouldn’t be reading this), you are probably aware about the environmental and climate issues that we are facing as a planet. From carbon emissions to overfilling landfills, increasing population is putting tremendous stress on our planet.

Just recently, the impact of single-use plastic straws has taken center stage in our country, but that is not the only pollutant that is causing problems. Let’s take a look at just one bathroom ritual that impacts our landfills, resources, and water - shaving.

This daily ritual, like many of ours, probably is never given a second thought on how it impacts our environment. You may not equate shaving to an environmental issue, but when looking at the numbers and logistics behind it, it is another issue that can and should be addressed. 

The Impact of Shaving


Americans go through approximately two billion disposable razors each year. Yes, that’s billion. Sure, a disposable razor is a relatively small item but, in quantities that large, it really adds up. A question you might ask is, “Are disposable razors recyclable?

This amount of used razors becomes even more staggering when paired with the fact that disposable razors are not easily recyclable in the United States.

Shaving creams and gels

While the number of all those razors that end up in landfills each year is troubling, perhaps the even more significant environmental impact of shaving involves our water.

Chemicals and ingredients in the shaving creams and gels (like glycols, PEGs and, isopentane) that are used can have a damaging effect when they make their way into the water ecosystem. Many of the ingredients cannot dissolve in water, which can impact the growth of animals and plants. They are also absorbed by fish and other organic matter in water ecosystems and can make their way back to our tables.

Polluting our water sources with harmful chemicals and ingredients found in most shaving creams and gels is a dangerous issue and need to be taken seriously. That leads us to the question -- are shaving gel/foam cans recyclable? Annually, there are billions of saving gels, creams, and foams sold. The aerosol cans and containers, based on the information we have received from the leading waste management companies in the US are not recyclable, so they end up in the landfills as well, taking over 500 years to breakdown. 

Aqua Jet Razor - the future of shaving

It can be alarming to think about all our daily routines and actions that can impact the environment. A European Company, based in Miami, FL has realized the serious impact that shaving has on our environment and that is why they created Aqua Jet Razor.

This is the first razor of its kind that does not require shaving gels/foams and creams and instead, it uses only water that is injected through the razor, between the blades, creating a natural lubrication layer to provide the most natural, eco-friendly and affordable shaving experience possible. Without the need of ever buying creams or gels and their questionable ingredients and packages, Aqua Jet Razor will save you money and help save the environment.

To help reducing our impact on the environment, check out the Aqua Jet Razor and see for yourself why it is considered to offer one the most revolutionary and eco-friendly shaving experience in the world.

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