Men Skincare: How to Get the Perfect Shave

Men Skincare: How to Get the Perfect Shave

There are a few things in our life that bring a lot of satisfaction to most men, such as a well-tailored suit, aged whiskey or bourbon, a Cuban cigar, perfect shave, a favorite team winning the championship...

While some of these can be bought, others may be entirely out of our control. There is one thing in that list that is within our power to do it right without breaking the bank for it. Getting the perfect shave is something that isn’t easy, even if you’ve been doing it since you were a wee teenager. Your dad may have shown you how to shave, just like the way his father taught him.

Whatever your story is for learning to shave, there are some new knowledge to gain, and it’s never too late to learn a new trick.

There are a few things to know when embarking on your quest to learn how to get the perfect shave. We’ll discuss shaving, prep work, technique, the post work and the type of blades, and how each one is crucial for perfecting the craft. By the end of this blog, you will know how to get the most natural, affordable and eco-friendliest shaving experience. 

The perfect shave

  • Frequency

  • How often you shave really depends on two things: how fast your facial hair grows and how soon you want/have to shave it. Some guys have sensitive skin and need time for the irritation to settle down in between shaves. Other guys may have facial hair that grows slower and may only need to shave a few times a week vs. the guys that can shave at 7 am, 12 pm, and 3 pm, and still, have a 5 o’clock shadow.
  • Learning your specific needs are important to keep your facial hair at bay and your skin looking healthy.

  • Preparation
  • Before you even make that first stroke of the razor, it is important that you prepare your skin and facial hair prior. A hot shower before shaving is the best advice because the heat will open your pores and the moisture will help soften even the coarsest of hairs.
    Finding the right shaving cream or gel depends on your skin type… this might  be correct if the ingredients in those “balms” were all natural. In reality, most of us know that this is just another trick they use to make us believe we are the problem not their questionable ingredients.

  • Technique
  • It may be tempting to shave against the grain and not the natural way your hair grows. However, shaving against the grain can pull the hairs, cut too close, which can cause ingrown hairs and increase skin irritation or razor burn.

    It is always the best practice to use smooth strokes, apply light pressure, and follow the natural way that the hair is growing, also, it is not recommended to repeat multiple razor strokes on the same spot, this will increase the irritation and razor burn.

    After Shaving

    Some men find that splashing cold water on their faces after shaving can greatly reduce the amount of irritation and redness because the cold water will instantly close the pores and the coldness reduces any swelling/inflammation.
    Aftershave creams, loaded with harmful chemicals swallowed by our body through open pores might be a bad habit of the past when using the right razor. 


    Angled-blade razors that offer as many as five blades in one razor head, help get closer shaves and reduce the amount of pressure by spreading it over five blades. However, do yourself a favor and stop buying razors with “lubricating” strips. Most “lubricating” strip are filled with harmful chemicals and they do more bad stuff than decent.


    In many people’s opinion the best option for razors, which is relatively new to the market and is one that is drastically changing the shaving game is the Aqua Jet Razor.


    The revolutionary design utilizes water as the lubricating layer between your skin and the blades by forcing water through the razor, between the blades, and onto your skin during shaving. This razor saves you money because you will never have to buy another can of shaving cream, gel or foam, it is really easy connected to the shower, water creates a healthy, smooth shave. After shave, simply rinse your shaved skin with cold water which closes the pores while hydrating the skin.

    To learn more about how to get the best shave with the Aqua Jet Razor, visit That perfect shave has never been easier to achieve than now!

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