Why Aqua Jet is the best razor for men

Why Aqua Jet is the best razor for men

Shaving is an emotional battleground. Stick with us here: there’s the mess, the razor burn, and the potential for bloodshed. Whiskers and goopy foam everywhere, aerosol cans, and electric razors with their chargers and sanitizing solution and those danged little cleaning brushes (which we always misplace). All of this in addition to the simple fact of taking a sharp blade to your face, which is pretty metal,  all told 🤘

With so many choices, what do we end up going with? Generally speaking, we imitate dear old Dad. So whether Pops used a cartridge system or a heavy Norelco plug-in with a twisty cord, you probably slid right into your shaving habits like a naked baby on a bathroom floor covered in shaving cream. 

So, what’s the best way to get a close, comfortable shave with minimal mess and irritation? Traditionalists maintain the double-edged safety razor’s the way to go, while modernists might like cartridge subscriptions or five-blade systems or an electric shaver with the latest bells and whistles. Let’s look at the various choices and see what each brings to the table (though we don’t recommend shaving there).

Is a cartridge system the best razor for men?

is a cartridge shaver the best razor for men? 

Cartridge systems have the benefit of ubiquity, familiarity, and (if you manage the details right) a pretty darn close shave. You’ll need to use a shaving gel or foam, and with the environmental nastiness (and ongoing expense) of aerosol cans, we call that a big fat strike against cartridges. In addition to the cost to the wallet and the planet, those products contain ingredients that can irritate the skin. (But if you want to experience true irritation, try skipping the damn foams and see how that goes. We’ll save you the pain: razor bumps for days, and a patchy shave job.) 

is an electric shaver the best razor for men

Is electric the best razor for men?

What about electric razors? They’ve come a long way over the years, with models at the higher price point ($250+) having some pretty nice features. No more twisty cord dangling over wet bathroom counters, and many have self-cleaning abilities. Even the nicest units can cause acneic conditions to worsen, however. Plus lots of men find the shave itself insufficiently close, and the newer “wet”-option versions require (ugh) shave foams. 

What about straight razors? They’re so badass, right? They’re also dangerous. A compromise traditionalists make is in the double-edged safety razor, a slightly less hardcore version of the iconic barbershop standard, but without needless bloodshed. Here’s the thing about straight razors: they require time, technique, and practice, not to mention blade-sharpening skills. But even these traditional choices involve — you guessed it! — nasty and expensive gels and foams.

You might see a theme here: the closest shaves come with a price. Whether it’s bloodletting (no, thank you), skin irritation, or the necessary involvement of goops/creams/foams, Dad showed you that shaving your face equals pain and compromise. Satisfy modern sensibilities with an option that didn’t exist back in the day: Aqua Jet Razor. Aqua Jet Razor is the only award-winning razor that runs solely on water. Avoid polluting creams and gels and get the cleanest possible shave...without compromise. Because the unit is constantly cleaned by the water it uses to cushion your shave, it cleans your skin and prevents irritation. Simply the best razor—even for men with sensitive skin. Order Aqua Jet Razor here.

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