Aqua Jet Razor for Men - Aqua Jet Razor
Aqua Jet Razor for Men - Aqua Jet Razor
Aqua Jet Razor for Men - Aqua Jet Razor
Aqua Jet Razor for Men - Aqua Jet Razor
Aqua Jet Razor for Men - Aqua Jet Razor
Aqua Jet Razor for Men - Aqua Jet Razor

Aqua Jet Razor for Men

$49.99 $39.99

The Future of Shaving Is Here

The Award Winning Aqua Jet Razor is the first and only razor that doesn’t require the use of shaving gels, foams or creams. It uses innovative technology to convert your shower into a razor and provide the most natural, eco-friendly and refreshing shaving experience possible.

The Lawn Mower 3.0 with SkinSafe Technology

Compact Design

The only razor that shaves and hydrates your skin simultaneously, using 100% water. Connection suitable for any bathroom.

The Lawn Mower 3.0 Design

Cutting-edge Engineering

The Lawn Mower 3.0 Engineering

The blades are continuously cleaned during your shave, which makes the blades stay fresher and sharper for longer.

Once connected, the water flows through your razor between the blades and onto your skin.

The water acts as a moisturizer, making this the cleanest, closest and most natural shave possible.

Long-lasting High Quality Blades

Made from the highest quality Swedish steel and designed to offer the closest and most pleasant shave. Aqua Jet Razor works for both short and long hair, so it can also be used as a secondary trimmer.

The Lawn Mower 3.0 Replaceable SkinSafe Blade

It’s 100% Water-powered

No need to use shaving gel, foam or cream. You will no longer have to spend time cleaning your blades.

It saves you money. No need to buy shaving gel, foam or cream with chemicals that are bad for your skin and the environment..

The Lawn Mower 3.0 is a Waterproof Trimmer

All You Need Is Water

The first ingredient in every shave gel is “water,” and the next 45 are “chemicals you’ve never heard of.” We think they should stop at “water.”

Lawn Mower
Lawn Mower 3.0 Water


The continuous flow of water prevents hair and skin oils from building up in the blades, giving you a closer shave while preventing skin irritation.

Blade Call Outs
Snapable blades
& stainless steel blades
Sharp and


Did you know that in the US alone, 2 billion disposable razors are not recycled and are added to landfills every single year?

The world is changing, and so should our shaving traditions. This daily ritual, like many of ours, is likely performed without any thought given as to the impact it may have on our environment. You may not equate shaving with consequences to the ecology, but the numbers behind it are staggering.

  • Billions of empty cans from shaving gels and foams are almost impossible to recycle and will not decompose for thousands of years.
  • Chemicals and ingredients in shaving creams and gels (like glycols, PEGs, and isopentane) have a damaging effect on the body and they make their way into the water ecosystem.
Long Battery Life
Face Bacteria

The Full Kit

Other than the razor and the blade, the Aqua Jet Razor kit includes:

  • 1x Diverter/Hose
  • 1x Mirror
  • 1x Razor Support

Peak Hygiene Plan

Never Stay BehindElevated Efficiency Plan

Our blades are top quality and long-lasting, but that doesn’t mean you should never change them. To maintain the highest quality shaving experience, we recommend that you replace the blades accordingly.

Head Removal Head Removal

Maintain Top HygienePrevent Bacterial Buildup & Skin Irritation

Save on your shave with our blade subscription plan. Get your blades shipped right to your door for maximum convenience.

How It Works

Aqua Jet Razor’s innovative technology turns your shower into a razor with a quick and easy one time connection. In less than 30 seconds, your shower and shaving is one turn of a knob away. Once connected, our revolutionary jet technology continuously pumps water through the razor between the blades and onto you skin. It keeps the blades fresh, your skin moisturised and leaves you amazed.