Busting 4 Common Shaving Myths

Busting 4 Common Shaving Myths

Every tradition has its urban myths and legends, shaving is no different. Advice on shaving dos and don'ts has been passed on generation to generation, changing ever so slightly with the times and technology. With so much information out there on best shaving practices, it can be difficult and frustrating to catch the myths.

So, we decided to bust the four most common shaving myths for you:

#1 Does Shaving Really Stimulate Hair Growth?

Shaving is a vital part of our grooming routine that makes us look presentable and professional, but does shaving really stimulate hair growth? No, shaving does not encourage hair to grow back faster. This is probably the most well-known myth of all, but also the most inaccurate advice. The idea that beard, mustache, facial, or hair, in general, will grow back faster or thicker or darker with every shave is scientifically false. Genes, not shaving frequency, control hair growth, thickness, and color.

Shaving daily will not affect hair in this way, but it can affect your skin if you’re using common shaving products like creams, foams, or gels. In fact, avoiding such products will help unclog your pores and help your hair follicles grow better, resulting in a healthier beard or mustache.

shaving daily

#2. Brand New Razors Produce More Skin Cuts

This myth has prompted many to avoid buying new razors and continue using old ones. But the truth is just the opposite; an old razor or one with damaged blades is the culprit that causes more skin cuts.

While new razors may be sharp, their blades are even and cut to precision. Over time, these blades become dull and damaged, requiring you to apply more pressure on the razor and on your face or legs, which is precisely how cuts occur. The combination of worn out blades and force on delicate skin produces skin cuts.

As a general rule, if it feels like the razor blades are tugging at your skin while you are shaving, it’s time to change the blades. This tugging can cause hair follicle

irritation and shaving products can creep into those orifices and pores. With that said, you may be asking yourself: is shaving bad for skin? It can be unless you’re using an Aqua Jet Razor free from harmful shaving products.

#3 Shaving Will Make Your Tan Fade Faster

False, shaving will not make your tan fade faster. Shaving does not affect the pigment of your skin color. In fact, shaving can actually enhance your tan by brushing away the top layer of dead skin that hides your new, radiant skin.

#4 Women Shouldn't Shave Above the Knee and Men Shouldn't Shave Below the Neck

This is largely a personal choice that depends on your personal needs and desires. Both men and women should shave wherever they feel comfortable and safe. Grooming “down there” is a practice that many employ and many are satisfied with.

Now that all the myths have been busted, check out our shop and select one of our premium razors start doing what's right for you.

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