Collection: Replacement Blade Cartridges

Buy Razor Blades online for your Aqua Jet Razor!

Ever since the launch of Aqua Jet Razor, we have been overwhelmed by the response it has got form all around the world(yes, we believe the earth is round )and one of the top questions that have come across is about the replacement of the razor blades. The Aqua Jet Razor technology is injecting water jets through the blades during your shaving eliminating “old school” clogged blades and saving you time and money. Stop buying shaving gels and start saving time and money. Aqua Jet Razor Ingenious Connection system helps you save time and WATER not only during shaving but during your everyday shower as well. You can buy razor blades online on our website or save even more by selecting the best blade subscription plan and buy razor blades under $2 with shipping included in the price.

No more clogged blades during shaving, no more harmful chemicals found in most shaving gels and foams, no more billions of empty cans from shaving products thrown in our waterways and landfills, just an all-natural shaving experience from a company that cares about their customers and our world. Improve your next shaving experience by buying replacement blade cartridges online on our website