Reevaluating the Electric Razor

Reevaluating the Electric Razor

We men and women are faced with an overwhelming amount of choices when it comes to how we choose to shave. Enough choices to fill an entire aisle at the grocery store, commercials, and ads for fancy new electric razors and personal decisions to make.

But what is the answer?

While everyone has their personal preferences, there are some pretty clear cut pros and cons for the old debate of electric vs. manual razors.

electric vs. manual razor

Here are some disadvantages you may not have thought about when shaving with an electric razor:

  • Not a close enough shave - while the technology is advancing all the time, there still is no substitute for getting that incredibly close shave with a manual razor blade.
  • Not as precise- the jawline, cheekbones and mustache areas all require a level of precision to keep us men looking sharp, and an electric razor just can’t provide that.
  • Require cleaning, maintenance and charging.
  • Expensive upfront costs.
  • Can be harsh on the skin.

For those of you looking to change the way you shave, even if you currently use a manual razor, I urge you to try the new Aqua Jet Razor. This razor requires no shaving creams or gels that leave your skin dry and irritated.

The beauty of this razor is that it uses water to lubricate and hydrate the skin while giving you the closest shave you’ve ever had. So, check out Aqua Jet Razor today!

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