Collection: Aqua Jet Razors for Men

Aqua Jet Razor is the first and only razor that doesn’t require the use of shaving gels, foams or creams. Instead, it uses only water. Water is injected through the razor, between the blades, creating a natural lubrication layer to provide the most natural, eco-friendly, pleasant and affordable shaving experience in the world.
This revolutionary design means several things:
  1. No more clogged blades- the blades are continuously cleaned during your shaving routine. This prevents hair and skin oils from building up in the blades, giving you a closer shave while preventing skin irritation. A must-have for dry, oily, or sensitive skin types.
  2. No more money spent on shaving gels or creams. All you need is water.
  3. The water acts as a moisturizer, making this the cleanest, most natural shave possible.
  4. Because the blades are continuously cleaned, the blades stay fresher and sharper for longer.
  5. Aqua Jet Razor Ingenious Connection system helps you save time and WATER not only during shaving but during your everyday shower as well.

Aqua Jet Razor saves you time and money while it saves the environment for everyone. It’s clean, refreshing and fun. Now you can finish your complete shaving routine from the comfort of your warm shower. No more cleaning blades or trips to buy shaving cream. It’s designed to work for both short and long hair, so it also does the work of a secondary trimmer.

This revolutionary design has been so well-received that we were invited to 2 of the world’s biggest invention forums and we received a total of 5 medals from 4 different countries. If you are looking to buy men’s razor online then look no further and try our Aqua Jet Razor. You have to try it to believe it.