How to Get Smooth Legs without Bumps

How to Get Smooth Legs without Bumps

Ladies, are you tired of the hassle of shaving and spend tireless attempts to get your legs silky smooth like you see on the commercials? Razor bumps and unsightly stubble can really hurt the self-confidence, especially if you have a date or dress-worthy event coming up.

Now that winter is over, spring and summertime mean dresses, skirts, and bathing suits that for most of us require sexy, smooth legs. So, ladies, let’s get those legs ready to show off by following these steps that will help explain how to get smooth legs without bumps each time you shave.

Tips for Smooth Legs

  • Turn on your shower or bath, let the water run fairly warm. The heat and moisture will help open your pores, which will allow you to get a closer shave. Try to avoid using extremely hot water because that can dry out your skin and increase irritation.

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Warm water will help soften the hairs as well, making them easier to shave with less pulling or resistance. Go about your normal shower routine and shave your legs last; this will give them plenty of time to warm up and soak in the moisture.

  • Before shaving, you could exfoliate your legs or use a natural bath scrubber after showering for several minutes (rest of your body too) to remove all the dead skin cells and to align your hairs to make shaving easier.
  • If your skin is sensitive, reach for moisturizing shaving cream or gel to help keep your skin protected and nourished while shaving… this is what the leading brands are “advising” us, this way, they blame us instead of blaming their questionable ingredients found in most of their creams, gels, foams as well as their never ending desire to sell us the same stuff in “different” packages. With the right razor most women are fortunate enough to be able to shave with just water, read on and we will share with you which one is the right razor and why.
  • Most blades are good to use about five times before they become too dull to effectively and safely shave your hairs. Using a dull razor can pull the hairs and cause irritation. Do yourself a favor and never let your blades go too long without changing them.

The best technique for the closest shave will be going with the grain to reduce the irritation. Go slow with evenly pressured strokes to ensure an even, smooth shave.

  • Cold water should be used to rinse your legs off after you finish shaving. The cold water will close the pores and reduce the irritation or inflammation. Avoid rubbing your legs dry with a towel-- always pat dry because your skin will be sensitive for a little while after shaving.
  • If your lotion is made out of truly natural ingredients, you can apply it on your legs if not, rinse your legs a bit longer with cold water and you will be pleased surprised of the natural feeling you will have aftershave.

This might seem like a multi-step process and time-consuming, especially if you’re running late. To help speed up the process and make getting close and natural shave much easier, Aqua Jet Razor was invented to revolutionize the way you shave.

Aqua Jet Razor eliminates the need for shaving creams, foams or gels. Its ingenious design allows the razor to be hooked up to any shower or baths, which allows warm water to pass through the razor between the blades and onto your skin providing the most natural, affordable and eco-friendly shaving experience in the world.

Save time, money, and the environment with this revolutionary new razor system, and see how getting smooth legs just became so much  easier.

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