Banish the Curse of the Razor Burn

Banish the Curse of the Razor Burn

There are many curses in life we wish to banish, from the itchy ant bite to the stinging paper cut – both harmful to the skin and one’s ego – but none are as deserving of banishment as the dreaded razor burn. This wretched curse is experienced and endured by millions. Until now…

When thoughts and prayers fail to protect you from razor burn, reach for the latest in razor technology and easily shave while washing away the hair and preventing those itchy, stinging burns with the Aqua Jet Razor.

An innovative razor that uses high-quality blades and only water to get the job done.

Many razor companies promise results and offer tips for avoiding razor burn, such as heating the hair, massaging shaving cream into your skin, and going with the grain. Aqua Jet Razor is an innovative shaving technology that delivers results.

None of these remedies address the cause of razor burn which includes:

  • Harmful ingredients in shaving gel, foam, and cream
    • Razor blades that have become clogged with dead skin, hair and shaving products.
  • Aqua Jet Razor banishes all 3 of these problems, due to the razor blades constantly being cleaned with jets of water.
  • Dry shaving or shaving without showering or washing the skin for 2-3 minutes. This process makes the hair softer and easier for the razor blades to cut.

So what does razor burn look like?

Razor burn can sometimes feel like an ant bite or paper cut, and may look quite the same – red, burning or itching, and unsightly. Razor burn results from the irritation of hair follicles on the surface of the skin that create the reddish bumps and hives plaguing your face and body. Eww and ouch! The inflamed skin pops out and changes color, causing pain and embarrassment. A condition easily corrected when using Aqua Jet Razors.

razor burn

Razor burns vary in size and color on the face, but what does razor burn look like on legs? Folliculitis, the fancy medical term for razor burn, most often occurs after shaving or when the hair on your legs is growing back. Because there is generally more hair on the legs, it can leave the skin red and inflamed with raised bumps. Not a pretty sight.

The amount of hair and thickness plus the type of razor you use can determine how long razor burn last on legs. Generally, such burns last a few days, but because you may shave often the skin does not have time to heal and the razor burn returns. There are home remedies such as applying a washcloth with cool water or moisturizer with aloe vera or shea butter. This will help ease the pain and restore the skin, but it won’t prevent razor burn from occurring again and again and again.

Aqua Jet Razor will alleviate these curses and teach you how to shave without razor burn. Aqua Jet Razor is a chemical free solution to razor burn; it only uses water for shaving. The water jet continuously moisturizes the skin and softens the hair while always keeping the blades clean, preventing the burn without having to buy toxic pre- and post-shaving creams that are harmful to your skin and the environment.

May the jet force be with you and the razor burn banished!

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