Shaving Just Got Easier and Healthier with Aqua Jet Razor

Shaving Just Got Easier and Healthier with Aqua Jet Razor

It seems to be human nature that we want to make things easier and more efficient. The saying, “time is money” has never been more true at any point in our history than now. We have watches that can make phone calls, robots that can do daily chores and even cars that drive themselves.

We are living in a time of great innovation and technological advances and Aqua Jet Razor has brought the shaving industry to the forefront. Now is the time to streamline your morning (or evening routine) of shaving with a new, healthy and environmentally-safe razor.

Aqua Jet Razor has perfected the art of shaving and eliminated the need for anything but water for the closest shave you’ve ever had. The state-of-the-art razor easily connects to your shower hose with the custom adapter and allows effortless shaving without the mess.

The water is funneled through the razor creating a gentle jet while shaving, which provides the best moisturizing lubricant to give you the smoothest shave. When you’re done, just disconnect the Aqua Jet Razor and connect your shower head to finish your morning routine. Easy as that.

No Creams or Gels

Gone are the days of using artificial gels and shaving creams to shave your face and body. While these products claim to moisturize and protect, the chemicals used actually dry skin and can cause irritation to sensitive skin.

Also, those same harsh chemicals enter our water system and cause unnecessary pollution. Aqua Jet Razor needs only water, which will leave your skin hydrated and irritation-free.

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5 Blade Razors

Not all skin is the same, which is why Aqua Jet Razor offers a 5 blade system. The number of blades increases the surface area, which minimizes the pressure per blade and also gets a closer shave without having to go over the same area multiple times. The days of a single blade razor are a thing of the past, now you can get the best shave without irritation with Aqua Jet Razor. Our convenient case stores your Aqua Jet Razor, spare blades and comes with a mirror for shaving in the shower.

Treat yourself to one of the finer things in life; a fantastic shave.

Now you can every time with Aqua Jet Razor. Utilizing the best, natural lubricant, the jet of water will leave you irritation free while helping keep the environment clean. Convenient, effective and safe for both you and the environment, Aqua Jet Razor has revolutionized the shaving industry. To learn more about how Aqua Jet Razor can change the way you shave, click here.

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