UK Acknowledged Harmful Effects: Microbeads Banned in 2018

UK Acknowledged Harmful Effects: Microbeads Banned in 2018

Back in 2015, the United States issued a ban to prevent microbeads from being used in personal care items like cosmetics and shaving gels. The United Kingdom followed suit back in 2018 with the same microbeads ban. The “microbeads” were small pieces of plastic that are added and claim to have an exfoliating property for the user. However, it was found that the microbeads entered the water supply and caused harm to marine plant and animal life.

They also pose a hazardous threat to human health because some fish may soak up the toxins that the microbeads release from being in the water and reenter the food supply. These toxins can disrupt hormone levels and cause cancer. There are a vast majority of natural options that can be used instead of microbeads in cosmetics and other personal care items. This is just one small step that has been taken to reduce the negative impact that we, humans, have on our environment.


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