Razor Sharp Summer Shaving Tips for Women

Razor Sharp Summer Shaving Tips for Women

Summer and skin go together. And no surprise, there’s a lot more maintenance involved in all that skin on display. Stubble, ingrown hairs, razor burn, or wayward hair showing up where you’d rather be bare can mean feeling just a little less fabulous in swimsuits or shorter summer dresses. And all that shaving takes tools, time, and care...when you’re likely to prefer being at the beach, bonfires, and barbecues.

Building on a great base: exfoliate

A simple scrub made from out of sugar or coarse salt and quality vegetable oil (such as olive, sesame, jojoba, or sweet almond) can prove invaluable in the bath. Make it ahead of time and keep a week or two’s worth in a lidded container. Taking the time to exfoliate your legs before you bathe or shower helps you get a closer shave by removing a layer of dead skin, and (huge bonus!) helps with the dryness that can come from chlorine, saltwater, and sun exposure.

Another plus is that, because you’re making it at home, your scrub will be free of unnecessary chemical preservatives and fragrances. And it also helps prevent ingrown hairs, especially important for curlier-haired folks.

About products:

Shaving creams and gels are full of ingredients we don’t want or need on our skin or in the environment. Simple soap might do the job, but will also leave your skin extra dry and may even dull your razor blades. If you find yourself in a bind and need to make do, you’re better off using your hair conditioner or moisturizing cream (believe it or not). 

Shaving foam, gel, and cream containers are not biodegradable and hazardous for the environment in so many ways. Better even? Invest in an Aqua Jet Razor. Aqua Jet’s revolutionary water jet technology continuously pumps water through the razor between the blades, keeping the blades fresh and your skin moisturized throughout. This means no more nasty products leaving residue (and rust circles) in your bath or shower.

Pay attention to direction

If you want the absolute closest, most thorough shave, be strategic about blade positioning. Shave against hair growth (unless your skin is prone to irritation). Use short strokes so you don’t miss any hair, and take extra care around knees and ankles. 

Taking these precautions can prevent nicks, irritation, and a patchy shave. 

Shave last—Keep Your Razor Sharp

Save your shaving until the end of your shower. The minutes you spend under the hot, steamy water softens stubble and makes for a closer, more comfortable shave. Clean your blade razor sharp and clean by rinsing with running water between strokes, unless you’re using Aqua Jet, which takes care of this using water pumped through the razor.

Don’t wait to moisturize

Smoothing on a lightweight vegetable oil (some good varieties are mentioned above) can be as effective as moisturizing lotion at hydrating post-shave skin, with a lighter feel and a glowier outcome. Dryer skin may benefit from a thicker cream. Use it right after the shower to prevent itchiness and a dull look.

And finally…

Summer means lots and lots of shaving. By taking these steps and precautions, you can enjoy a smooth, stubble-free season of fun. 

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