Why men have to stop shaving with straight razors

Why men have to stop shaving with straight razors

They’ve got flair and history, but it’s time to say goodbye to a dinosaur in the bathroom. Now mostly found at retro barbers, the straight razor was the most commonly used option by men until the 1950s when it was largely replaced by the safety razor. Straight razors allow the wielder to whip out the blade with a dramatic flourish (not recommended). Many are still drawn to their undeniably masculine appeal, and the method continues to hold nostalgic value in certain cultural pockets.

Besides the selfie-worthy lifestyle appeal, many men also believe that shaving with a straight razor will, reliably, produce a markedly smoother shave than electric- or safety razors. Shaving with a straight razor is also considered a cost-effective option, as many mainstream electric razors have fat three-figure price tags, while other varieties require expensive upkeep.

But here’s the thing: these are misconceptions. Besides the fact that straight razors can be senselessly dangerous if handled incorrectly, they’re not even necessarily low maintenance, as they have to be honed and stropped regularly. But the important reason it’s time for men to put the straight razor to bed is that they’re still a bad choice for the environment.

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Yes, straight razors do offer an antidote to the staggering waste of disposable razors. These plastic throwaways are dumped in landfills to the tune of two billion per year. But what both shaving methods share is the required use of toxic shaving and creams gels. Not to mention, the litter created by all those empty aerosol cans.

Why it’s time to replace the men’s straight razor

Shaving gels and creams contain ingredients (like isopepate, PEGs, and glycols) that can contaminate and damage water ecosystems—that means creeks, rivers, ponds, lakes and potentially the ocean—anything that’s touched after it goes down your shower drain. Remnants of shaving foam and shower gels find their way into these ecosystems and can harm the growth of plants and animals.

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Many conventional shaving creams also use aerosol propellants, which have a well-known history for toxicity [link reference], and are also generally accepted as the top-tier level of problematic. These and other hydrocarbon propellants contribute to the greenhouse gas effect. Given staggering, sustained hydrocarbon emissions increases, we can’t afford to contribute to the problem. Shaving with a straight razor virtually always requires the use of these products.

The best replacement for men’s straight razors

Most reasonable consumers are already aware that corporations will only implement the minimal amount changes necessary to sustain themselves, and in an ideal mostly-free-market society, citizens can’t help but vote every day at more than just polls. So how can we replace men’s straight razors but keep a smooth, clean shave, without breaking the bank for NFL endorsements? Aqua Jet Razor—the future of shaving.

Aqua Jet Razor gives the user a vastly upgraded, ultra-clean shave...without using shower/shaving gels or foams. How? Water is ejected between the razor blades, which creates ideal, natural lubrication. This gives you the greenest, cleanest, and most cost-effective shaving routine there is. And without the cost of extra products, the cash savings add up!

But, wait! There’s more. The fact that water is coming out from between the blades also means that your razor stays clean. Like, always. This continual cleaning is literally a 1:1 replacement for toxic chemicals, and also means that your blades are always preserved in the best condition—even while you’re in the act of shaving. While straight razors don’t suffer the clogging issue, they can and do degrade surprisingly fast. Aqua Jet Razor’s continual self-cleaning means your blades are never clogged by hair or gel during shaving, which means you’re getting as close of a shave as possible. Yes, even on par with straight razors…just with the added bonus of multiple blades, no expensive upkeep, and a considerable reduction in danger to life and limb.

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