8 Best men’s hairstyles for a clean-shaven face — Summer edition

8 Best men’s hairstyles for a clean-shaven face — Summer edition

Summer demands certain style and grooming accommodations. Hair holds in body heat, increasing hot weather discomfort. For maximum airflow, consider an undercut or anything short on the sides. Keeping locks short and low-maintenance also means less sticky product use and less time spent in a steamy bathroom.

Bring reference photos of your summer hair goals to the salon or barbershop. Never hesitate to ask your stylist how to style the cut you’re hoping to get, and whether it’s higher maintenance than you think.

Planning a bit for your hot weather haircut, bringing photos along with you, and getting your barber/stylist’s input on maintenance and upkeep could mean your most comfortable, stylish summer ever. Here are a few inspiration photos to bring with you on your next visit to the barbershop!

1. Slicked-back high fade

Best men's hairstyles for a clean shaven face - @yosef.nj

Pompadours remain a go-to for iconic masculine style. Associated with greasers and hot rods, Elvis, James Dean, and Desi Arnaz, this style usually require lots of effort and pomade. Keep the length just long enough, though, and you’ll be able to get the bumped-up comb-back without risk of total hair deflation. Use a medium weight pomade to keep the hold all day, and if you’re looking to achieve date night super fly-ness, blow dry using a round brush for major height and use hairspray to finish

2. Curly high fade

Best men's hairstyles for a clean shaven face - @jmdabarber

Basically a high-and-tight for curly locks. We love it for the contrast of short, faded sides with hair just long enough to have defined curls on the top. Keep it low-maintenance with a curl cream and a lightweight gel for hold, and your curls will stay cool, comfortable and humidity-resistant all summer long.

3. Longer, natural, shaggy

Best men's hairstyles for a clean shaven face - @pradeepkadyan_official

This slightly shaggier, retro-cool option requires a bit more maintenance. Achieving this look means waiting until you’ve got some length before hitting the stylist’s chair. You’ll need a cream with some hold to keep this look frizz-free, but it’s a great cut for the dude who’s got texture and wave.

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4. The classic high-and-tight

Best men's hairstyles for a clean shaven face - @liviudoeshair

This barbershop standard is perfect for hot weather. Change it up by going a little shorter on the sides, making sure your stylist keeps length to around two- to three inches on the top, and adds texture with scissors. Styling is a snap: add product to towel-dried hair and you’re all set.

5. Buzzed-top fade

Best men's hairstyles for a clean shaven face - @xbigwesx

The most iconic barbershop cut on this list will give you the ultimate in low maintenance summer ease. Though you’ll need to visit the barber more often (do not be tempted to DIY this, guys!), you’ll have minimal hair weighing you down and virtually no need for product.

6. Undercut

Best men's hairstyles for a clean shaven face - @alan_beak

For keeping maximum length with a summer accommodation, consider an undercut. Sides get short, top stays long, and avoid any sort of fade. Undercuts look best with a “hard disconnect,” so don’t forget to express your preference to your barber. Depending on styling choices, the length left on top can take your look from messy (matte pomade or clay) to slicked and date-ready (using smoothing cream or gel with higher hold).

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7. Beach rat

Best men's hairstyles for a clean shaven face - @jordyzeelie

Surf culture and style are a summertime standard. For longer hair with waves or curls, avoid the barbershop altogether and make some simple summertime styling product adaptations. To look like you’ve spent the day catching waves, add a volumizing, frizz controlling styling product. Spray homemade salt water later on dry hair for fun summer texture.

8. The bun (especially top knot!)

Best men's hairstyles for a clean shaven face - @brandonjlarge

Despite certain viral trendiness, met with swift backlash, the bun has been a prime men’s hairstyle for both form and function for time immemorial. Buns and top knots will work with any hair over medium length. All you need is a hair tie. For medium-length hair, get small ties around the circumference of your thumb. For long straight hair, a typical wrist-sized tie will work. If you have curly hair, look for special, curly bands—they will prevent breakage. The only maintenance tip is to resist the urge to undo and redo your knot many times throughout the day, which puts undue strain on your hair.

No men’s hairstyle look is complete without a classically clean shave. A quality razor can deliver the clean closeness you need to let your jawline and bone structure take center stage. Keep products to a minimum and you’ll help your wallet and the environment.

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