What is Aqua Jet Razor and how does it work?

What is Aqua Jet Razor and how does it work?

The world is changing, and so should our shaving traditions. This daily ritual, like many of ours, is likely performed without any thought given as to the impact it may have on our environment. You may not equate shaving with consequences to the ecology, but the numbers behind it are staggering. 

  • In the US alone, TWO Billion disposable razors are not recycled and are added to landfills Every Year.
  • Chemicals and ingredients in shaving creams and gels (like glycols, PEGs, and isopentane) have a damaging effect on the body and they make their way into the water ecosystem.
  • Billions of empty cans from shaving gels and foams are almost impossible to recycle and when they end up in landfills and waterways they will not decompose for THOUSANDS of years. 

But what is it?

Aqua Jet Razor is the first and only razor that doesn’t require the use of shaving gels, foams or creams. Instead, it uses only water. Water is injected through the razor, between the blades, creating a natural lubrication layer to provide the most natural, eco-friendly, pleasant and affordable shaving experience possible. 

This revolutionary design means four things:

  1. The blades are continuously cleaned during your shaving routine. This prevents hair and skin oils from building up in the blades, giving you a closer shave while preventing skin irritation. A must-have for dry, oily, or sensitive skin types.
  2. No more shaving gels or creams. All you need is water.
  3. The water acts as a moisturizer, making this the cleanest, most natural shave possible.
  4. Because the blades are continuously cleaned, the blades stay fresher and sharper for longer.

Aqua Jet Razor saves you time and money while it saves the environment for everyone. It’s clean, refreshing and fun. Now you can finish your complete shaving routine from the comfort of your warm shower. No more cleaning blades or trips to buy shaving cream. It’s designed to work for both short and long hair, so it also does the work of a secondary trimmer.

This revolutionary design has been so well-received that we were invited to 2 of the world’s biggest invention forums and we received a total of 5 medals from 4 different countries. You have to try it to believe it.

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How it works

Aqua Jet Razor connects to your showerhead. Setup is quick and easy. Once connected, our revolutionary water jet technology continuously pumps water through the razor, between the blades, and onto your skin, keeping the blades fresh and your skin moisturized throughout. The connection is specifically designed to fit all US and EU standard shower/bath heads.

Installation takes less than a minute.

Is Aqua Jet Razor better than a straight razor?

Many believe that shaving with a straight razor leads to the smoothest shave. It’s also believed to be an economical option. But here’s the thing: these are misconceptions. Straight razors require time-consuming maintenance, they’re the least-safe option, and most importantly, they require additional chemical products that harm both users and the environment.

Aqua Jet razor provides the classic, close, natural shave of a straight razor, without the hassle, risk, or chemicals required of straight razors. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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What about cartridge razors?

“Traditional” cartridge razors are safer and easier than straight razors, but they still have issues.

  1. They still require toxic shaving chemicals that pollute our environment
  2. The heads clog easily, leading to skin irritation and ingrown hairs, while degrading the blade faster

Aqua Jet Razor simply provides a superior shave on all levels versus “traditional” cartridge razors. No clogs, maximum blade life, maximum ease, and no toxic chemicals. Feel good shaving while you feel good about your environmental impact.

How does Aqua Jet Razor compare to electric razors?

Electric razors are often billed as the fastest and easiest shave. They’re also unanimously reported as providing the *least* close shave. Some models have the advantage of not requiring additional chemicals, while other “wet” models do. They also often require proprietary cleaning solutions that cost a lot of money, and are loads more toxic than even non-water-soluble shaving creams.

Aqua Jet Razor provides the speed and ease of an electric razor, with a closer shave, and no shaving or cleaning chemicals. Aqua Jet Razor also comes at a fraction of the price of the best-reviewed electric razors. Why run on electricity when you can run on water?

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We are living in a time of great technological advances, and Aqua Jet Razor has brought the shaving innovation to the forefront. Now is the time to streamline your morning (or evening routine) of shaving with a new, healthy and environmentally-safe razor. Aqua Jet Razor has perfected the shaving process, requiring only water for the closest shave possible. The state-of-the-art razor easily connects to your shower, allowing effortless shaving without the mess.

Order Aqua Jet Razor now and see the future of shaving for yourself.


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